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6 weird things about me....

1. I have symmetry issues. Things must be even with me. If one hand gets wet, the other one must get wet also. Example: Summer day, I have a cold pop in my hand. It is "perspiring". I will switch hands to get both hands equally wet and cold. Same with my feet, ears, fingers, etc. If one goes, they all go.
2. I can't eat cold foods that are supposed to be hot. It makes me gag. I especially can't stand cold beans (like baked beans or refried beans), sauces (like spaghetti sauce), or casseroles. The only exception to this is pizza. And only sometimes.
3. I'm scared of fish. It terrifies me to swim in a lake or river if I think that the fish might get me. One time when I was little, my aunt was swimming in a lake and a fish swam up and bit a mole on her leg. She screamed. I've been scared ever since. I still swim in lakes and rivers, but if someone mentions the fact that there are fish, it's over. I'm out.
4. I don't have a "favorite" anything. My mood changes too often. Tim asked me what my favorite flavor of ice cream was (his is mint choc. chip, duh) and I asked, "what season?" In the spring, I like peach; in the summer, it's coconut; in the fall, it's pumpkin; in the winter, it's cinnamon. My favorite colors also change.
5. If, for some strange reason, my dad and Tim were both hanging off the edge of a cliff and I could only save one of them....I couldn't choose. They are both my favorite people in the whole world and one of them would have to make the decision for me.
6. I have my left nipple pierced.

Think they sell these on ebay??

Not the mag, the boy. I want one.

Gettin' excited...

So, I finally decided that I'm sick of Walmart's make-up section and talked Tim into letting me order this:

Actually, it didn't take much. I caught him at a really good time. As you know, he's out of town (back Friday!!!!!) for job training. Well, he's been doing great. I'm such a proud wife. He's been acing ALL his tests and picking up all the concepts like it's nothing. So I caught him in a really good mood and convinced him that it was totally normal to spend $60.00 on make-up. I'll let ya'll know how it goes. The point however, is that I tracked my shipping and it will be here tommorrow!!! So excited.

Other than that, I've decided what we're gonna do for Tim's birthday:

Flogging Molly by the way. They're playing in Cincinnati the weekend before his birthday. I'm afraid we may be arrested or get a bone broken. Tim has a temper (which I've hardly ever seen; he never shows it to me) and apparently he used to vent it out during football. Well, then he f*cked up his knee, so he resorted to mosh pits to get it out. Also, Irish punk kind of makes me...excited. Well, excited like wanna take my clothes off and maybe punch somebody in the nose. So, hopefully we'll make it back together, in one piece (respectively), and without anything going on our records.

or this one....

Oh yes....this one!!

I want one.....

Don't get me wrong. I've loved him from the get-go, but still. When did "Harry" get so f*ing hot?!?! I mean, I've been waiting on him to age-up, but this is more than a girl could hope for.

Damn being married, probably to old for him, and not in Brittan.

MJ is a mind reader....

Follow up on the "Circle of Excellence" that I found myself in yesterday:
I decided it was mine to spend 'cause I earned it, so that meant getting something to do with knitting. (of course) Scanned Amazon.com and found the book I'd had my eye on since before it came out: Naughty Needles by Nikol Lohr. Put it in my cart and will be shipping it later today. Then I get this mind-reading reply from MJ saying "get this book"!
Way to be on the same wave-length! I'm really excited about it now that I know another knitter reccomends it, especially MJ. So thanks for reaffirming Mandy.

As she says "What better way to celebrate than circular knit pasties!"

**Added: Congradulations are also in order to the Attonito family for their cover on the tattoo mag Crave and for MJ's boyfriend coming to see her. I wish you and Neil all the happiness in the world!
I just got the nicest surprise at work. If you don't know, I'm a temp now. I've not updated the profile, but I work for Manpower, and am "on loan" to U.S.Equipment. I answer the phones, read Crime Library, file, and file some more. Not much to it. So today, one of the ladies from Manpower comes in. I'm always a little weird when they do, because for some reason, I think I'm going to get fired. It's like the school principal. If they call you to the office, your stomach gets a little queasy, even if you didn't do anything bad (lately) that they could pin on you. Well, this lady talks to my boss for a minute, then comes back out and says "We'd like to present you with this Circle of Excellence award." Roberta, my boss, filled out this survey on me and since she said good things about me and I had 400 hours with Manpower, I got a $20.00 gift certificate. I can spend it at a handfull of different places, but it's limited. When I say "limited", that means there are no yarn shops, but I think I'm just going to get an Amazon.com one and get a new knitting book.

Yay for me!!

Jan. 22nd, 2007

This weekend could not have been any more perfect! Tim and I had a wonderful time, ate at P.F.Changs (soooo good), went to the cutest yarn shop. It's in this woman's garage. She converted it. Tim asked her how her husband feels about that, and she said "Well, it doesn't really matter because I'm divorced" Oops. :)
I got needles for a dollar!! Double points!! Apparently, they were discontinued (not for any bad reason) and she wanted to sell them. I also got some coral colored yarn for a tank top/t-shirt for summer (buck a ball clearence!!), some self-patterning yarn for a hat for Tim, new yarn for my IK sweater/cardigan: Cascade 220 in a pretty violet/blue color that Tim picked out, and some sort of ugly but VERY soft brown yarn for a scarf. Add to that the double points and I walked out of there one happy knitter. However:
I miss Tim.

Things the world could do without:
1. bar straws: They are too small, meaning that you have to suck and suck until you get a headache before you'll get anything out of your glass. Use two, you say?? Then you get air inbetween them and it makes it harder to drink than in the first place.
2. Supermodels: I think most of this is a vanity issue. Same(ish) reason that the Amish don't have mirrors. It promotes vanity. Not only that, it can obviously promote an unhealthy body image.
3. Diet pills: no one I know has ever had any success with them and again, I think they probably promote unhealthy images in young girls and even in older ones.
4. The idea of "life w/o possibility of parole": if you're gonna keep 'em that long, save some money and just shoot 'em. (I know, me the tree huggin' hippy, but people, be realistic!)

I'll probably draw fire for that last one.

Devious knitting...

I went online after all that hat-promising I did earlier and found a chart for a Norwegian hat pattern that is gonna rock MJ's world. Now I just need to know what colors/patterns she likes. So:
Heeeeyyy MJ!?!!?
Is there anything you're obsessed with? I mean argyle, roses, leaves, dogs, bombs, etc. ?? Elephants, stars, dolphins, dancing people, pirates, etc.?? Anything??
Oooorrrr, it could be a surprise.

I just need to know if you want a nice hat, or a sort of funny hat. I'm excited either way.

Hats, carbs, Dayton, etc.

First off, I now owe Mandy Jean a hat. I don't know if she knows that, but a long time ago (in a far away land..wait, scratch that) I wrote saying that I would send anyone who would reply to my blog a hat. Hand knitted. I never thought I'd actually have someone reply, so now I have to get off my butt and knit a hat. Colorwork? Cables? We shall see. (MJ, feel free to leave me the specs of a hat you want.)

*plunk* Thats the sound of me jumping on the band wagon. I'm off carbs and sugar for a couple weeks. Yeah, it sucks so far. But I'm doing pretty good. Yesterday was my best day yet. I only cheated on 9 runts. Other than that, I ate really healthy stuff, which is unheard of for me. Last night I had eggs with cheese, celery with cream cheese, nuts, and some cubed cheese. (God, I'm not gonna be able to shit for a week, am I? I just realized how much dairy I ate. Oh well, too late now) I know I could have fixed a meat, but when there's just one of ya to cook for, it seemed like too much work. I also got up early enough to fix a lunch for today and to make eggs for breakfast. It seems that I can have all the eggs I want, and since they are easy, I've been eating scrambled little chicken fetuses for a couple days now.

As you may or may not know, Tim is in Dayton for training. He was going to be there for two weeks straight w/ no break, but they cancelled the Saturday lab, so he had the option to come home. We decided instead that I would come up there for sort of a mini-break weekend. So, I'm off to Dayton tomorrow. I wonder if they have any good yarn shops. Note to self: google yarn shops in Dayton.

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