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This post brought to you by the letter K

So I've started on some really great things lately on my way to becoming a "real" knitter. A Knitter, in fact, capital "K".
1. Fair Isle! Oh yes boys and girls. Fair Isle. Tim got me one of those cool finger thimble divide-your-yarn things, but I've not tried it yet. I've just been doing it in some Mandy-made-up way and getting my balls tangled. Still, lookin good. A little pulling, but I'm still trying to become comfortable with it. I think for my first project, I'll try one of the Fair Isle bags from Handknitting for the Holidays.
2. Entralac. I can't spell, but you know what I'm talkin' about. It's Danica from Knitty, but I doubled it b/c I thought (in my infinite wisdom) that it was too skinny. I've already used one ball of Patton's SWS and it's wider than it is long. Not good. Well, not good yarn/money wise. It looks great. It's not quite as wide as Lade E, but is still pretty big. All the same, I think I'm gonna have to rip it. Oh well, no great loss. I do like the technique. Keeps you on your toes a bit, even if it does get a little tedious. Backward knitting is pretty fabulous.
3. The Nantucket jacket from Interweave http://interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/Galleries/bonus/winter_2006/nantucket1.asp
I'm doing it in a green slightly verigated yarn and I just really hope that the detail shows through. I'll be able to tell more once I get farther along.

Other than that, send outs are Friday for the tree swap and I still need to craft! Back to work.

My job rocks!!!

Okay, so this is just crazy. Do you realize what I got for Christmas from the people I work with??? (Keep in mind, I'm a temp. I don't actually work for these people, I just answer the phones really)
1. These: http://knitpicks.com/tools/itemid_80299/tools_display
"C" "D" AND "E"---can you believe that???
2. Two each in burgandy and cocoa: http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/itemid_5420151/yarn_display
3. A $20.00 gift card to Applebee's.
4. Homemade bannana nut bread.
5. Chocolate covered rice crispy treats
6. A real wreath
7. A half-hour massage from the YMCA
8. Butter cookies, a beautiful gold candle with siver snowflake base, and makeup brushes
9. A set of 2 matching Santa and Snowman mugs (perfect for hot chocolate)
10. Frosted and decorated homemade sugar cookies
11. A new knitting bag that was hand quilted with the cutest pictures on it.
12. A tin full of homemade cookies, chocolate covered pretzles, spiced nuts, and toffee.
I mean, seriously...what more does a girl need. And like I said, I don't even work for these people! They are the most caring group of people I have met in such a long time. It's been wonderful to work here.

How did I turn out so normal...

I know, me normal? Right, but if you look at the way my sister is acting right now, you'd understand. After going down to SC to get all her stuff, she's now going to "try and work it out" and go back down there!
You heard me: BACK DOWN THERE!!
She's lost her mind, and I told her such the last time I saw her.
However, she is still too selfish and wrapped up in herself to understand yet. My personal favorite part is that she thinks he's going to come up here to get her. After he had some other chick living there. Yea...right...
Other than that, knitting:
1. I got my package!!! The yarn is perfect and I can't wait to start with it. Well, actually I can wait because I'm debating on doing something else with it. I don't know what that "something else" would be, but still. If I use it, it's gone. No more. Finito....We'll see how it turns out.
2. Nikki's socks...I've got one done! I know, I had one done a week and a half ago, but it's still done, right??
3. Everyone else, you may ask??? Well, they are a little less than done, or even started for that matter. I take it back! Mom's is done!! HAHA (Though it may not go to mom, I like them too much. We'll see)
** P.S. I signed Tim and I up for another swap. "The tree swap" and it's gonna rock out with its...branch...out! :)

The fat one is whining again....

Okay...here we go:
Mom snuck up on Nikki and I with a secret family meeting on Monday. Em will not be going back to SC except to get her things (computer, clothes, etc.). They will be leaving on Thursday and coming back on Friday so someone needs to watch the muppet during that time. And guess who they picked?? Nikki can't because she can't afford to call off work, but it looks like I can, so it's me. However, the dh has switched around at his work and will either be helping me, or if month end stuff at work doesn't get done, he'll be watching the muppet for me while I go to work. Then we'll be taking him to Stitch n Bitch. The girls will love him!

Other than that; Christmas updates:
Nikki- one sock done!
Em- this new development changes things, we'll have to see
Mom- wants a candle, can do
Dad- new set of ramps and a 1/2" air ratchet (god, I'm sure that's spelled wrong)
Tim- again, no idea
kids- maybe nothing, they're still little and I'm not made of money

Okay, back to work. Month end stuff to close out.
1. Nikki's socks--
started last night, should work up fast, cables may get a little tedious, but it's on size 8's, so we should be good
2. Fran's socks---
damn size 1 needles; it's taking forever; they may be Valentine's day socks :)
3. Dad's sock--
oh boy, not even started; but I do have the pattern
4. Emmy--
I have no idea; maybe a small scarf; it doesn't get that cold in SC
5. Mom--
Maybe some yarn; nice yarn
6. Tim--
Oh let's not go there now...
7. Adell and Ricky
Matching scarves??
8. Violet, Michael, Jordan, Liz, & Carson
well, Liz's sweater is finished, so that leaves Violet and Carson to knit/crochet for, and then Michael and Jordan...hmmm
I also have the swap to finish (it's pretty much done, I just need to get the yarn) and the Christmas/Thanksgiving SnB party tonight. Gotta get that done too!
So it's December 1st and it's not lookin' good.
Other than that, the new knitty should be out today, along with the Dec. Magknits. I'm still waiting to see if they'll have something I like even more for the swap.
Like I said "Procrastination City" population: me.

Busy busy weeks

These past few weeks have been crazy ones at chez Shaver. Between Thanksgiving, Emmy getting ready to leave, etc., I've hardly had any time to post. So, some updates:
1. Em will be leaving for SC soon. She feels like she should try to work it out with sh*tforbrains, so that takes care of that. She still has a lot more growing up to do, so maybe this will be good for her.
2. Thanksgiving was wonderful. My mom made all of our family favorites and everyone had a great time. Even Bentley showed up. It was great.
3. Swap is almost done! I've made so many things and they've turned out great. I can't wait to send out and get some feedback from my girl G! I can't tell you anything about it now (she might see) but it's all perfect. Well, ya know. Perfect if I had help from a 4 year old. :) Still, I think she'll be really happy.
4. Life is great. Tim and I are doing so fantastic (though I worry about him with the winter coming up--always gets him down) and I love him more than anything.
5. Christmas---hmm. I think we may celebrate Chanukah this year. We're still debating.

Swap rocks!

Oh, I've signed up for my very first swap on craftster and I'm too excited. It's the magic yarn ball swap and I can't wait to get my partner. Stitch and Bitch tonight, this day is too good!!!

Nov. 8th, 2006

So I've dropped some rather obvious hints to Tim that I need/want a digital camera really soon. He agrees with me. Little does he know, it's really for taking pictures of yarn, FO's, etc. to post all over the internet, but I'm sure he'll be cool with it. As long as he teaches me how to work it.
So, many pictures will be coming. Soon hopefully.
Other than that:
1. Fran's socks are on the needles. Coming along pretty well, but I put them in my car, so they aren't seeing very much action.
2. Got the Interweave Wraps book. I am fully aware that ponchos are "out", but there are some really great patterns in there and most of them aren't ponchos. I'm currently working on a top down caplet thing with cables that's going to look great. **Side story** : When I bought that book, I had a 40% coupon from A.C. Moore so it really wasn't that much, but I told Tim that I was mugged and then someone left yarn and a book in my car! He didn't buy it, so I just told him that my yarn budget was done for a couple of weeks and I owed him a couple "favors".
3. I may have just created my first pattern. I'll post it if I do, but I was wanting some fingerless gloves and started on a pair last night during a CSI marathon. I added a good luck eyelet motif and a crochet bottom cuff. I think they're going to turn out really good as long as I made them wide enough to fit around my hand. I sort of didn't measure. I never measure.
4. Tim and I are starting to get used to having time together and it's been really great. Seriously, if I was any happier, there's a good chance I'd bust. I love it.

Life is good...

Well, things are going great for me this week:
1. Socks are done!!! That's right. I finished something. A PAIR of somethings to be exact. Any idea how hard that is??
2. Roberta brought me Bertie Botts every flavor beans to work today! There's an earthworm flavored one! And vomit, earwax, black pepper, and rotten egg also.
3. She also loaned me "Dead Again" which is supposed to be very good. It's got Emma Thompson in it (from Nanny McPhee), so I'm megga excited to watch it tonight.
4. Got a new bra this weekend. Girls are lookin' good!

As you can see, this week is rockin! As far as knitting goes, we're doing pretty good. I need to order/buy a new set of #8 double points for the cable socks from "One skein", but I also need to start on Dad and Tim's socks. I'm not sure which will be which (Gloss Pumpkin from Knitpicks, or black Cascade Fixation). I'm not too sure dad would wear pumpkin colored socks, so he may get the black. We'll just have to see I guess.
I also need to finish some things for Christmas presents, though it may be more realistic to just start calling them Valentine's Day presents, as that's probably closer to when I'll finish them.

You gotta fight.....for your right....

Yeah, that's right. We're partying like it's 1999 tonight! Kristy is holding the monthly party at her house. I'm making artichoke bread, Michelle is bring her spinach dip, Kristy is makeing all kinds of good things...it's gonna be a blast.
I got some new yarn the other day. We won't discuss where I bought it, just that it was on sale. (I need a digital camera)
First, we have four balls of a VERY chunky green yarn. It's spun tight and is beautiful, but I have no idea what to do with something so thick.
Second, we have two balls of a chinelle-looking yarn, knits up at worsted weight, very soft. We may go for a pair of hand warmers with this.
Last, two balls of Cascade Fixation for Tim's socks. It's in black, so a little boring, but looks like a great knit.
I just printed off two patterns from Borroco for a felted knitting needle and crochet hook case. I'm going to bring them to the party tonight and I think the girls will really go nuts for them.

Now the best part: Tim is back in town today!! and its Friday!! and its payday!!

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