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6 weird things about me....

1. I have symmetry issues. Things must be even with me. If one hand gets wet, the other one must get wet also. Example: Summer day, I have a cold pop in my hand. It is "perspiring". I will switch hands to get both hands equally wet and cold. Same with my feet, ears, fingers, etc. If one goes, they all go.
2. I can't eat cold foods that are supposed to be hot. It makes me gag. I especially can't stand cold beans (like baked beans or refried beans), sauces (like spaghetti sauce), or casseroles. The only exception to this is pizza. And only sometimes.
3. I'm scared of fish. It terrifies me to swim in a lake or river if I think that the fish might get me. One time when I was little, my aunt was swimming in a lake and a fish swam up and bit a mole on her leg. She screamed. I've been scared ever since. I still swim in lakes and rivers, but if someone mentions the fact that there are fish, it's over. I'm out.
4. I don't have a "favorite" anything. My mood changes too often. Tim asked me what my favorite flavor of ice cream was (his is mint choc. chip, duh) and I asked, "what season?" In the spring, I like peach; in the summer, it's coconut; in the fall, it's pumpkin; in the winter, it's cinnamon. My favorite colors also change.
5. If, for some strange reason, my dad and Tim were both hanging off the edge of a cliff and I could only save one of them....I couldn't choose. They are both my favorite people in the whole world and one of them would have to make the decision for me.
6. I have my left nipple pierced.


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