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Jan. 22nd, 2007

This weekend could not have been any more perfect! Tim and I had a wonderful time, ate at P.F.Changs (soooo good), went to the cutest yarn shop. It's in this woman's garage. She converted it. Tim asked her how her husband feels about that, and she said "Well, it doesn't really matter because I'm divorced" Oops. :)
I got needles for a dollar!! Double points!! Apparently, they were discontinued (not for any bad reason) and she wanted to sell them. I also got some coral colored yarn for a tank top/t-shirt for summer (buck a ball clearence!!), some self-patterning yarn for a hat for Tim, new yarn for my IK sweater/cardigan: Cascade 220 in a pretty violet/blue color that Tim picked out, and some sort of ugly but VERY soft brown yarn for a scarf. Add to that the double points and I walked out of there one happy knitter. However:
I miss Tim.

Things the world could do without:
1. bar straws: They are too small, meaning that you have to suck and suck until you get a headache before you'll get anything out of your glass. Use two, you say?? Then you get air inbetween them and it makes it harder to drink than in the first place.
2. Supermodels: I think most of this is a vanity issue. Same(ish) reason that the Amish don't have mirrors. It promotes vanity. Not only that, it can obviously promote an unhealthy body image.
3. Diet pills: no one I know has ever had any success with them and again, I think they probably promote unhealthy images in young girls and even in older ones.
4. The idea of "life w/o possibility of parole": if you're gonna keep 'em that long, save some money and just shoot 'em. (I know, me the tree huggin' hippy, but people, be realistic!)

I'll probably draw fire for that last one.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 08:51 pm (UTC)
1. I adore PF Changs. YUM.
2. /jealous of all your yarny/needly deals.
3. I use bar straws for a particular task in my lab (I won't bore you with the details) that requires a pointy stick that is also disposable. So, they work well for that anyway.

Glad you had fun :) I'll call you tonight about the knitting club thingy in Milton if you still want to go.

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