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Hats, carbs, Dayton, etc.

First off, I now owe Mandy Jean a hat. I don't know if she knows that, but a long time ago (in a far away land..wait, scratch that) I wrote saying that I would send anyone who would reply to my blog a hat. Hand knitted. I never thought I'd actually have someone reply, so now I have to get off my butt and knit a hat. Colorwork? Cables? We shall see. (MJ, feel free to leave me the specs of a hat you want.)

*plunk* Thats the sound of me jumping on the band wagon. I'm off carbs and sugar for a couple weeks. Yeah, it sucks so far. But I'm doing pretty good. Yesterday was my best day yet. I only cheated on 9 runts. Other than that, I ate really healthy stuff, which is unheard of for me. Last night I had eggs with cheese, celery with cream cheese, nuts, and some cubed cheese. (God, I'm not gonna be able to shit for a week, am I? I just realized how much dairy I ate. Oh well, too late now) I know I could have fixed a meat, but when there's just one of ya to cook for, it seemed like too much work. I also got up early enough to fix a lunch for today and to make eggs for breakfast. It seems that I can have all the eggs I want, and since they are easy, I've been eating scrambled little chicken fetuses for a couple days now.

As you may or may not know, Tim is in Dayton for training. He was going to be there for two weeks straight w/ no break, but they cancelled the Saturday lab, so he had the option to come home. We decided instead that I would come up there for sort of a mini-break weekend. So, I'm off to Dayton tomorrow. I wonder if they have any good yarn shops. Note to self: google yarn shops in Dayton.


Jan. 18th, 2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
Aw snap!
Score! I love green, cables, and knitting. We are doin' good. Now to scour the internet/huge ass stack of knitting magazines/books/etc. for the "perfect" pattern.

Oh and I totally agree with the appreciate thing. I show the hubby and he says "cool", I show the girls at SnB and they say "wow, how long did that take you, what stitch did you use, looks fabulous, etc."

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